Alton Mendes

Alton Mendes


Wealth Planner, Advanced Wealth Planning

Alton joined Wellington-Altus in November 2023 and is based in Toronto, ON. He is a Wealth Planner with 9 years of experience providing wealth planning and guidance to Canadians. Alton is passionate about empowering clients to navigate through the complexities of wealth planning, and devise strategies that promote lasting success. He leverages his expertise in retirement planning, tax planning and estate planning to maximize wealth, mitigate risk and creating legacies.

Prior to joining Wellington-Altus, Alton’s career was focussed in the Canadian banking industry. He cultivated a book of clients at his previous firm, by building meaningful relationships, and providing holistic wealth planning advice. Through his past experiences he gained insight into portfolio construction and in-depth understanding of parsing the intricacies of wealth planning. Alton then decided that he wanted to direct all his efforts in planning for clients, and became a dedicated wealth planner, where he consulted for advisory groups across Canada. He gained further experience in formulating wealth strategies for high net-worth and ultra high net-worth client families.

Alton holds his designation of Personal Financial Planner (PFP®), a leading credential for comprehensive financial planning in Canada, as well as his Certification in Advance Financial Advice (CAFA).

In his free time, Alton enjoys travelling, experiencing new cuisines and playing sports. He is an avid New York Giants fan, finds pleasure in listening to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and loves spending time with his family dog Frankie, who he believes really is man’s best friend.

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