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Wellington-Altus Surpasses $30 Billion AUA Milestone, Continues Exponential Growth Trajectory

WINNIPEG, TORONTO, and MONTRÉAL, Wednesday, May 22, 2024/CNW/ Wellington-Altus Financial Inc. (Wellington-Altus)—parent company to Canada’s top-rated wealth management firm*—has exceeded the remarkable milestone of $30 billion in assets under administration (AUA) in just seven years since inception, continuing its parabolic growth.

Wellington-Altus was founded in April 2017 to revolutionize wealth management in Canada by delivering unprecedented levels of advisor support and embracing innovative technologies that fuel independence and success. This approach has set the firm apart from competitors, and with an AUA increase of more than $20 billion since 2020, has solidified its position as one of Canada’s fastest-growing wealth management companies.

“Our journey has been extraordinary from day one and surpassing $30 billion AUA in such a remarkably short span is a testament to our vision and unwavering dedication to advisors,” said Shaun Hauser, Founder & CEO of Wellington-Altus. “Wellington-Altus is a firm built by advisors for advisors, and I am unbelievably proud of our progress and the trust that leading teams and their clients continue to place in us.”

“We also know that we could not have achieved this level of success without the grit and dedication of our people, and I am grateful to every member of the team who has helped us get to where we are today—and rest assured, we are just getting started,” added Shaun.

With more than 110 advisor teams, over 820 employees, 53 offices across the country, and many accolades to its name, Wellington-Altus is built on the foundation of a strong culture of partnership. Its unique framework includes more than 70% of shares being held internally, which has seen the firm emerge as a top destination for talent, more than doubling its headcount since 2019.

“The accuracy of our instincts, the strength of our business model and the strategic decisions we’ve made along the way are reflected in our accelerated growth and this $30 billion AUA milestone,” added Charlie Spiring, Founder & Chair of Wellington-Altus. “As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we remain laser-focused on the future of this great firm and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead, including our next medium-term goal of reaching $50 billion AUA.”

About Wellington-Altus Financial Inc.

Founded in 2017, Wellington-Altus Financial Inc. (Wellington-Altus) is the parent company to Wellington-Altus Private Counsel Inc., Wellington-Altus USA Inc., Wellington-Altus Insurance Inc., Wellington-Altus Group Solutions Inc., and Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc.—the top-rated* wealth advisory company in Canada and one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. With more than $30 billion in assets under administration and offices across the country, Wellington-Altus identifies with successful, entrepreneurial advisors and portfolio managers and their high-net-worth clients.

*Investment Executive 2023 Brokerage Report Card.

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